Welcome to Daisy Vega Fashion Studio

We are a small team of fashion designers based in L.A. Our area of expertise include dress design, t-shirt design and jewelry design.

Who we are

Daisy Vega Fashion is a small fashion studio based in Burbank, Los Angeles. Our design philosophy is simplicity and elegance above all else. Majority of our collection has been featured on runways up and down the West coast. Currently there is 6 of us in the team, but we're looking to add new people as we set our sights on drawing the attention of international audience. Our shows have been called exotic, seeing how we even used cheap RC drones during one of our shows. What can we say, we love to experiment.

Our goals

Short term goals of ours is to expand the collection of evening gowns that we work on right now and to find other like minded studios for cooperation. Also, we're looking to implement outdoor drones with camera in almost every aspect of our business. Long term we are working on having one of our collections featured on the more famous international runways in London, Paris or Milan. Go big or go home is our motto on that front. If you are reading this and you're setting up runway shows, don't hesitate to contact us. We are willing to listen any and all cooperation proposals.

Meet the team

Daisy Vega

Owner, CEO
Hey, that's me. I'm the owner and CEO of this little studio of ours. I started designing clothes when I was 6 years old and I never stopped. When I'm not working I like to read or go out for a walk.

Jessica Monterrey

Dress design
Hi, I'm Jessica and I like to design dresses of all shapes and sizes. I like to keep to myself and for most of the time you'll find me buried in my work. Originally I'm from Canada, but I moved to L.A to join the Daisy Vega team.

April O'Sullivan

Dress design
My name is April O'Sullivan and my role in the Daisy Vega Studio is designing evening gowns. Fashion is my first love, but tech is close second. In my free time I like to play video games. Currently I'm obsessed with Overwatch.

Nicole Shelton

T-shirt design
Hi, I'm Nicole and my job here at Daisy Vega is creating new and interesting t-shirt designs. Who doesn't like a good t-shirt with a catchy phrase or a popular culture reference. Nobody that's who, hence the reason why I do what I do.

Annabell Fullerton

Jewelry design
"You can never get enough of good jewelery", that's my motto. I'm Annabell and here at Daisy's I'm in charge of creating the next big thing in the jewelery design. Check out our Etsy store if you're interested in my designs.

Julia Bronkowski

Shoe design
Hi, my name is Julia Bronkowski and I'm new here in the studio. My gig started only recently and I was brought in to design shoes. That's it really. When I'm not working I like to go out for drinks with friends or stay home play the guitar and watch Netflix.

Mission statement

Daisy Vega Fashion studio is a fashion studio that does designs clothing, footwear and jewelery. Where we excel though, what we enjoy doing the most is creating new and interesting dress designs. Our customers have recently taken a liking to evening gowns that are coming out of our studio. That is why most of our efforts have been shifted towards developing a standalone collection of evening gowns.

Evening gowns should be designed to show off woman attributes, but they should do so gracefully. Most of the pieces currently in development are following this approach. None of them are overly revealing, but still they are enticing. It seems that this is a winning combination. This goes against what the mainstream would have you believe, with practically half-naked stars walking down be red carpet at award shows and celebrations.

In about month or so we will be finishing the collection. Once we do that comes the grueling job of contacting event organizers that can help us setup a runway show for our collection. Contact us if you can help us set something like that up, or if you're interested in cooperation.

Before the recent boom in evening gown design interest, we were designing t-shirts, sweaters, jumpers shoes and jewelery. Anything basically to find our place on the market. T-shirts are always highly sought after goods, especially if you make interesting designs. Our Teespring store is a very popular one, even though we haven't been putting up any kind of new designs there as of late.

Shoes and jewelery we've designed on a very small scale. We have not been overly active on that front. Last month though we've hired a new designer, Julia Bronkowski, to help pickup the slack and we hope to push out new design ideas very soon. She's still young and it will take some time for her to get her feet wet.

In closing, we would just like to say thank you for coming and visiting our little website. On other pages we will most likely post galleries of our work. Keep a close eye on our blog for any news and updates. That's it for now. We wish you a warm and heart felt goodbye all the girls here at Daisy Vega. We hope to see you again soon.

UPDATE : We're announcing that we'll start using drones to capture our beautiful models wearing our latest summer clothes collection. We bought Tier 1 drone, that is extremely expensive but we believe it is worth it. For all of you folks looking to start flying at some reasonable price, you might be interested in Best drones under $200 list by dronesglobe

Services that we offer

T-shirt design

T-shirt design

Cocktail dresses


Pants suits

Evening dresses

Mini skirts


Daisy Vega team helped me out a lot with my own collection and they recommended me to the right people for setting up my own show. Thanks.

Simone Singer

CEO, Intrinsic Ideas
With the help of Daisy I finally found the perfect dress for my wedding. I can't thank them enough for their help. They are wholeheartedly recommended.

Nicole Christopher

Owner, Dash Design