Hats off to you – our hat design

Hats weren’t mentioned anywhere on our website up until now because we never designed hats up until now. Last week was particularly hectic. We were exhausted with work and on Friday we decided to drop everything else and have some fun by designing hats. The whole team did it. It was sort of a contest and in the end we voted on which design we liked the most.

This is the hat design that got the most votes. It’s quite out there, and we’re not sure what we’re going to do with it, but hey it’s something that we had fun doing. I personally think that these type of extracurricular activity help improve team creativity. Plus it’s really fun. We don’t really have any other use for this type of exercise.

Here’s the runner up, the hat that took the second place. They are both very quirky, fun, light on the head. Who knows, we might even consider having them included in one of our collections. So far we haven’t been dealing in hats, but there’s always the chance we include these designs in some of the future collections that we’re going to be working on. What do you think, are these any good in order for us to continue working on a whole line of hats like this?