Stringy dress design – fun to wear, hell to make

A few months back we received an order for a dress design that we haven’t done before. It was for a stringy dress. A client saw something similar on a TV and decided that a stringy dress is something that she must have. The more strings the better. We said OK and started drawing a basic design.

Stringy dress design – is it worth it

Now the stringy dress that we made was a regular skin-tight long dress that was converted into a stringy one.

Here’s how the finished product looks like. There was several hundred cotton strings that we had to attach in order to cover the full extent of the dress. Luckily we didn’t need to go all the way down the dress. Strings that were knee high would go down and cover the very end of the dress. We were lucky there because adding strings was a painstaking process. End product luckily was more than worth it. That’s what we think at least. Have look at the image above and tell me that spinning around in a dress like this isn’t something that you’d like to do. Next goal of the project is to create a dress like this, but without the skin-tight dress as a foundation. Instead of it we plan on using a thick fishnet type of base. It’s should be crazy. Stay tuned to see it once its done.